Anxiety product review: Bach Rescue Remedy

Today, I want to share about a product I’ve been using to help manage my anxiety disorder. It’s worth noting that I am using this product in addition to other mental health interventions.

Bach Rescue Remedy is considered homeopathic, which is alternative medicine. It is all natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

Ingredients/ uses

My review

If you keep up with my blog, it’s no secret that I suffer from chronic anxiety and that I’ve been in an incredibly transitional season in my life (laid off, starting a business, etc.). Using this product over the past month has helped me with remaining grounded and composed during uncertainty. This product has also been useful when anxiety keeps me from falling asleep.

The box also claims this product is safe for pets, so I’ve put some drops onto my dog’s food to help manage his hyperactivity. I’ve noticed that he’s been better behaved and obedient.

To use this product, you simply put 4 drops under your tongue; however, I choose to add the drops to a tall glass of water and sip on it over time. It has a light citrusy taste.


I’d definitely recommend this product for those who suffer from occasional or chronic anxiety or hyperactivity. The best price I could find for Bach Rescue Remedy was on

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