Maybe you Should Talk to Someone: A Book Review

As I perused books to read, you can probably figure out why the title, Maybe you Should Talk to Someone, caught my eye. Today, I’ll be sharing some of the insights that I gained from Lori Gottlieb’s book.

Like me, Gottlieb is a therapist that goes to therapy. I love her perspective because she knows what it’s like to be both a therapist and a client. Because of that, I feel that she does a great job explaining what therapy is and what to expect. Here’s what I found noteworthy:

  • Usually the problem that brings a person to therapy isn’t their root problem. The root issues are often uncovered as the client becomes more acclimated to therapy.
    • A common theme that brings people to therapy is the gain or loss of:
      • Human connection
      • Sense of meaning
      • Sense of freedom
  • Clients often have skewed interpretations of their problems, hence the reason for seeking the help of a professional. A therapist can help them gain awareness of issues that they may be minimizing or downplaying.
    • I’ve been called out on distorted thinking by my own therapist and it usually allows room for learning and growth.
  • Therapy requires people to dig into emotional wounds. Because of this, clients often develop defense mechanisms because dealing with pain is hard.
    • Trust the process.


In the end, therapy is just as important to maintaining your well-being as is seeing your primary care doctor and dentist regularly. You can find this book here.

For more about what to expect when going to see a therapist check out my video on the topic here. For more about psychotherapy, click here.

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