Memoirs of Mental Health: Sean Walker

As a Black business owner myself, I try my best to support other entrepreneurs of color. When I was told about the memoir written by Sean Walker, a Virginia native, I was excited to dive into his story. While Walker does not focus specifically on mental health issues in his memoir, The Curse, there are several insights that resonate with me personally and likely with the clients that I serve.

Mental Health Themes

  • Insecurity and self-doubt.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Parental conflict, divorce, and co-parenting dynamics.

“Much of their arguments were centered around money issues and the need for us to live in a bigger and better environment.”

“Eventually my parents got what they wished for, more space, but it came at the cost of their marriage which ended while I was a sophomore in high school.”

Insights Gained

I especially enjoy reading stories of other young adults as they navigate life’s challenges. I resonate with Walker’s goal to start a business in his mid-twenties despite the negativity and doubt that others cast upon him (the same thing happened to me).

“We both had a grand idea, to help bring fitness to the masses at an affordable price, but the truth was neither of knew that much about starting or running a business.”

I also appreciate how Walker shares about the influence of spirituality in his story, while also noting the practical trial-and-error lessons that life taught him along the way. His challenges with work-life balance also resonate, as he discusses juggling a relationship, parenthood, two small businesses, finances, and wounds from the past that impact his present awareness.

Oh! And I can’t forget to mention his story of being racially profiled by a white cop who went from pulling him over to immediately pointing a gun at his head. Such stories need to be told, especially in this day and time.

Favorite Quote


I would recommend this book for a few reasons; most notably, that it will resonate with people of all ages, especially young adults. The book is a quick read (about an hour) and gives a lot of insight to reflect on.

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