No Strings Attached: Why I Banned Technology from my Bedroom

I recently finished Cal Newport’s book, Digital Minimalism. While I’ll discuss the many insights gained from that book in this Sunday’s newsletter, I wanted to share about the improvements that I’m already seeing.

In his book, Newport discusses how pervasive technology has become in the 21st century. One suggestion he offers is to keep technology out of the bedroom.

Last night, I took his advice.

I bought an actual alarm clock and left my phone in the living room on silent.

When I woke up this morning, there was the typical temptation to grab my phone to check email, read notifications, and to look at my calendar for the day.

But I couldn’t.

Instead of going to the living room to get my phone, I forced myself to sit with my thoughts for a bit.

As I stayed put, I reaped the benefits of those moments of solitude.

  • I practiced gratitude
  • Prayed
  • Made sense of the day’s anxieties
  • Brainstormed this post

Newport argues that people of the 21st century are suffering from solitude deprivation; in other words, technology has made us afraid to spend time with our own thoughts.

It’s now 7:37 AM and I still haven’t checked my phone and it feels amazing. I’m looking forward to regaining some of the solitude that technology has stripped me of.

For more on the mental health impacts of technology, click here.

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