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Anger Management for Dummies: A Book Review

Anger is a normal human emotion included with the standard equipment that we receive at birth. Today, I'll be sharing some of the insights that I gained from Anger Management for Dummies by Charles H. Elliot and Laura L. Smith. Through my work as a therapist, I find myself normalizing anger often. Because the expression of anger can be disturbing,...[ read more ]

“I am not my anger”: An interview with Shalanda Jackson, LCSW

For today's Counseling Awareness Month post, I'm excited to share an interview that I did with Shalanda Jackson, LCSW. Shalanda is the owner of J Group Counseling Services, a private practice for psychotherapy where she offers individual counseling and group counseling. I understand that you do group therapy for anger management. Tell the readers about what that group is like...[ read more ]