Technology can be therapeutic?

I’ve written in the past about some mental health consequences of over using technology. Today, I’m going to flip the script by sharing some mental health benefits of tech that I’ve recently discovered.

Due to my laptop dying on me, I recently decided to get a more powerful smartphone instead of purchasing another computer. As I got acclimated to my new device, I started to ponder ways in which technology could be beneficial to our mental health. Today I’ll share about two of my favorites.


If you’ve read my previous articles, you know how much a fan of meditation that I am. Because of this, I often use meditation when in session with my therapy clients.

Since I’m using the  smartphone to take notes during sessions, I have installed the Headspace app on there to make it easier to meditate with my clients during session.

For more information about meditation apps click here!

Mindfulness coloring (mandalas)

This spring, I got really into mindfulness coloring. Adult coloring books have been pretty popular for the past few years and I finally jumped on the bandwagon as a way to reduce stress and to practice mindfulness.

Given that my new smartphone has a built in stylus pen, I got the idea to download a mandala coloring app and I’ve been blown away! There are so many color options, and it’s a lot more fun when your hand doesn’t cramp up after working on a piece for a while.

Here are some that I’ve finished:

Thanks for reading! Do you have other ideas about how technology can be therapeutic? Share with me in the comments!

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