Year-End Review & An Awesome Freebie!

I tend to cringe as the New Year approaches, as most claims of  New Year’s resolutions and the cliche of “New Year, new me” fade within a matter of weeks for most people.

My cynical attitude about the New Year changed today as I read a post on my favorite mental health blog. The post included a link to a free year-end journal that I found helpful in reflecting on all the ups and downs of 2019. Today, I’ll share some of the highlights from my year-end journal.

  • I successfully published a mental health article or video weekly between April and November of 2019.
  • I launched Panoramic Counseling in April and have been able to work with some amazing people as they navigate life’s hurdles.
  • I listened to hundreds of podcasts on the topics of business, entrepreneurship, history, mental health, and parenting and have learned a ton.
  • I fell in love with yoga and meditation.
  • I made a significant dent in my 6 figures of student loans and have a plan to pay them off within 5 years!
  • I tried dread locs (a bucket list item) though they didn’t work out.
  • I stepped out of my introverted comfort zone and learned the power of networking.
  • I learned that sleep is essential for maintaining my mental health.
  • And that caffeine does not mix well with my anxiety.
  • I accepted that some relationships are only intended for a season.
  • I learned to be patient and to “trust the process.”
  • I set the intention of spreading kindness to others and to myself in 2020.
  • Last but not least, I welcomed an adorable human into the world!


Completing this journal was a great practice in self-awareness, gratitude, and self-improvement. Those are all positive aspects about the New Year that I can get behind. Thanks to Mental Health @ Home for providing this great resource. Get your free copy HERE!

Thanks for reading!

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